L&R has more than 5,400 employees around the world. Their mission is always to find the best solution for our customers and patients. L&R is successful thanks to their expertise, their varied interests and their desire for personal development and for gaining new skills and knowledge. Qualities such as these can only be sustained if employees have a good work/life balance, for example by having flexible hours, predictability or options for employees with children. Those joining L&R are becoming part of a team that is deeply committed to its employees’ well-being, especially in the areas of health and safety. The People.Health.Care tagline also represents the company’s attitude toward its employees.

    L&R Academy

    At L&R, the key to being good stewards of our human resources is to (further) develop each employee’s talents and improve their skills.

    We do this by offering a variety of employee programs at our L&R Academy.