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Cellona® Plaster of Paris Splints
Cellona® Plaster of Paris Wide Material

Extra Fast Setting (2-4 minutes)

Fields of application

  • For splints, plaster casts and cast sections, casts for thorax and combined thorax and extremities, pelvis/leg casts, e.g. plaster corsets and plaster beds
  • Plaster casts for orthotic devices and supports

Features/ Benefits

  • Extra creaminess for extra moldability
  • Easily shapes to the most complex anatomy
  • Creates a smooth, appealing cast or mold
  • Very low level of exothermic reaction
  • Extra-fast plaster; 2-4 minutes set time
  • Fully dry after 12-24 hours
  • Latex free

To note

  • suitable for producing body-sized dressings, e.g pelvis-leg cast or plaster bodice
  • casts safe for transport after 30 minutes
  • fully after 12-24 hours
Cellona Plaster of Paris Splints
Cellona Plaster of Paris Wide Material

Cellona's thick and creamy texture easily shapes to the most complex anatomy creating a smooth, appealing  finish. Cellona doesn't sacrifice strength for creaminess. It provides the full, proven strength of time-tested casts and molds.

Cellona's convenient, continuos 4 layer splints containing creamy, extra-fast plaster can shorten application time, reduce material consumption and are also suitable for supplementing or reinforcing circular casts.

Cellona Plaster of Paris Wide Material is an excellent choice for making casts which cover large areas e. g. body casts.

Ordering information

Cellona® Plaster of Paris Endless Splints

Ready-to dip 4 layer material, zigzag folded in cardboard dispenser box
4" x 22 yd25500
4.7" x 22 yd25501
6" x 22 yd25502
8" x 22 yd25503

Cellona® Plaster of Paris Wide Roll

individually sealed in a PE pouch
16" x 5.5 yd20301
23.6" x 5.5 yd20302
31.5" x 5.5 yd20303