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Lower Extremity Garments

Fields of application

Why use Caresia™?

  • Reduces time spent bandaging*, allowing more time for Manual Lymphatic Drainage.
  • Jump starts the initial lymphatic system with unique foam-chip particles that encourage gentle tissue stretch and pressure differential.
  • Helps break up fibrotic tissue* while remaining gentle on delicate skin.
  • Evenly disperses irregular pressures to prevent compression hot-spots.


  • Arterial Insufficeincy or degeneration
  • Deep Vein Thrombosis
  • Untreated congestive heart failure
  • Untreated localized or systemic infection
  • Untreated Cancer
  • Absent or severaly impaired sensation
  • Discontinue use if rash, numbness, or skin color changes are noticed.

* Catalog denotes Comparative Study of Multi-layer Bandaging Protocols


Thigh (CR-LE-DG)

  • Covers the thigh area from the inferior patella to the groin
  • Tapered design provides coverage of the patella, while allowing for greater range of motion
  • Combine with a Caresia™ Below Knee for full leg coverage

Bandage over the top to apply compression. Bandages not included.

Below Knee (CR-LE-AD)

  • Open toe style covers from the toes to the inferior patella
  • Shapes to the unique contours of the foot to provide greater flexibility
  • Large variety of sizes accommodates your clients' needs
  • Combine with a Caresia™ Thigh for full leg coverage

Bandage over the top to apply compression. Bandages not included.

Foot (CR-LE-AB)

  • Addresses swelling and discomfort in the foot
  • Closed toe style provides full coverage of the foot
  • Sold individually

Bandage over the top to apply compression. Bandages not included.

Ordering information

Caresia™ Thigh

DescriptionGroin Girth (cm)Item Code
Short, Thigh Lenth: 23 - 28 cm
Small45.0 – 65.0CR-LE-DG-S-S
Medium65.0 – 85.0CR-LE-DG-S-M
Large85.0 – 99.9CR-LE-DG-S-L
Average, Thigh Lenth: 28 - 33 cm
Small45.0 – 65.0CR-LE-DG-A-S
Medium65.0 – 85.0CR-LE-DG-A-M
Large85.0 – 99.9CR-LE-DG-A-L
Tall, Thigh Lenth: 33 - 38 cm
Small45.0 – 65.0CR-LE-DG-T-S
Medium65.0 – 85.0CR-LE-DG-T-M
Large85.0 – 99.9CR-LE-DG-T-L 

Caresia™ Below Knee

DescriptionAnkle Girth (cm)Calf Girth (cm)Item Code
Short, Calf Length: 35 - 41 cm
Small22.0 – 28.030.0 – 40.0CR-LE-AD-S-S
Medium28.0 – 34.040.0 – 52.0CR-LE-AD-S-M
Large34.0 – 40.052.0 – 62.0CR-LE-AD-S-L
Average, Calf Length: 41 - 47 cm
Small22.0 – 28.030.0 – 40.0CR-LE-AD-A-S
Medium28.0 – 34.040.0 – 52.0CR-LE-AD-A-M
Large34.0 – 40.052.0 – 62.0CR-LE-AD-A-L
Tall, Calf Length: 47 - 53 cm
Small22.0 – 28.030.0 – 40.0CR-LE-AD-T-S
Medium28.0 – 34.040.0 – 52.0CR-LE-AD-T-M
Large34.0 – 40.052.0 – 62.0CR-LE-AD-T-L

Caresia™ Foot

DescriptionFoot Length (cm)Ankle Girth (cm)Item Code
Small20 – 2522.0 – 28.0CR-LE-AB-S
Medium25 – 3028.0 – 34.0CR-LE-AB-M
Large30 – 3534.0 – 40.0CR-LE-AB-L