Swell Spots™

    JoJu & Kimbe

    JoJu (SP-07)

    Specifically addresses swelling of the thenar web space; Therapists have also used it to soften scars from carpal tunnel surgery.

    Kimbe (SP-08)

    Appropriate for reducing swelling of the scapula, as well as over the groin and neck area.

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    Swell Spots™ JoJu

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    Swell Spots™ Kimbe

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    Fields of application

    Why use Swell Spots?™

    • Proprietary fabric is comfortable, breathable, wickable, and provides thermal release.
    • Grey microfiber fabric grips skin and encourages gentle tissue stretch to help open the initial lymphatics and encourage reabsorbtion.
    • Helps break up tough fibrotic tissue while protecting delicate skin.
    • Evenly disperses irregular pressures to prevent compression hot-spots.


    • Arterial insufficiency or degeneration
    • Deep Vein Thrombosis
    • Untreated congestive heart failure
    • Localized or systemic infection
    • Untreated Cancer
    • Absent or severely impaired sensation