Swell Spots™

    Katina & Sobol

    Katina (SP-05)

    Tapered shape useful in treating difficult areas, such as the ulnar aspect of the forearm, the IT band of the lateral thigh, and the anterior surface of the calf.

    Sobol (SP-06)

    Addresses post-mastectomy fibrotic tissue on chest wall due to radiation and/or surgical incision scarring. Also great for use on the hip, anterior or posterior knee, and abdomen when used under bandages and compression garments.

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    Swell Spots™ Katina

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    Swell Spots™ Sobol

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    Why use Swell Spots?™

    • Proprietary fabric is comfortable, breathable, wickable, and provides thermal release.
    • Grey microfiber fabric grips skin and encourages gentle tissue stretch to help open the initial lymphatics and encourage reabsorbtion.
    • Helps break up tough fibrotic tissue while protecting delicate skin.
    • Evenly disperses irregular pressures to prevent compression hot-spots.


    • Arterial insufficiency or degeneration
    • Deep Vein Thrombosis
    • Untreated congestive heart failure
    • Localized or systemic infection
    • Untreated Cancer
    • Absent or severely impaired sensation