Removes bacteria, naturally.

    Zorflex® is a 100% activated carbon wound contact dressing for chronic, non-healing wounds.

    Electrostatic van der Waals forces attract and trap microbes onto the Zorflex surface, where they are overcome by electrostatic tension that breaks them apart and kills them, effectively “cleaning” the wound bed, creating favorable conditions for healing.

    Zorflex is a 100% activated carbon wound contact dressing that benefits from a triple action, it:

    • contains no antiseptic agents
    • works by aDsorbing bacteria and other pathogens onto the dressing surface
    • exhibits no donation of chemical agents or fibers to wound bed
    • exhibits no systemic absorption
    • is non-cytotoxic and is completely safe to use
    • safe, natural removal of bacteria — no reported adverse reaction
    • can be used as a prophylactic dressing
    • can be left on the wound for up to 7 days between changes
    • easy to use, without pain and without leaving residual fibers
    • no special procedures or techniques required for applying directly on the wound
    • manages malodor

    Proven effective against MRSA and modulation of proteases.1,2

    Adsorption Properties

    In-vitro studies with Staphylococcus aureus demonstrate the adsorption properties and the natural electrostatic forces of Zorflex in comparison to a control.

    • Substantially more bound bacteria
    • Significant bacterial membrane ruffling
    • Loss of bacterial membrane integrity

    The loss of membrane integrity in the bacteria on Zorflex initiates cell destruction, versus the intact membrane integrity of the healthy bacteria on the control material.5


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    Zorflex® is a registered trademark of Chemviron Carbon LTD. Chemviron is the European operation of Calgon Carbon, subsidiary of Kurary Co. Ltd acquired in March 2018

    Ordering information

    Zorflex® Carbon Cloth Wound Contact Dressing

    sterile, individually-sealed
    SizeHCPCS CodeItem No.Shipping Units (per box/case)
    10 cm x 10 cm (4" x 4")A620614053510/100
    10 cm x 20 cm (4" x 8")A620714053610/100
    15 cm x 25 cm (6" x 10")A620814053710/50

    Fields of application

    Zorflex is indicated as a contact layer dressing for use over a range of chronic, infected and non-healing wounds of different etiologies, including:

    • venous leg ulcers
    • diabetic foot ulcers
    • pressure sores
    • surgical wounds
    • trauma wounds
    • infected graft donor and recipient sites
    • fungating carcinomas
    • fungal skin infections