Every wound deserves a clean start

    “With Debrisoft, debridement is an easy, safe and quick procedure which is virtually painless for patients”

    Debrisoft is a quick, effective and virtually painless method of debridement producing rapidly visible results in 2-4 minutes which speak for themselves. Synthetic fiber pile absorbs and removes debris from the wound bed and surrounding skin. Debrisoft's precision cut pile spares viable granulation and epithelial tissue.

    Please accept marketing-cookies to watch this video.
    Please accept marketing-cookies to watch this video.
    1. left: Wound before the first application
      right: Debrisoft before application
    2. left: Wound after the first application
      right: Debrisoft after the first application
    1. The soft fibre side is thoroughly moistened with a wound irrigation solution and wiped over the wound and the skin surrounding the wound, applying gentle pressure and using circular movements.
    2. The bevelled fibre tips loosen debris and exudate from the wound as well as skin flakes and keratosis from the skin surrounding the wound.

    Note: Moisten the wound well with wound irrigation solution before use!


    • removes debris effectively, quickly and easily
    • spares newly formed granulation tissue and already established epithelial cells
    • high patient acceptance, because it is virtually painless to use

    Product composition

    Composed of 100% unbleached polyester with a back layer made from polyacrylic (free of colophony and colophony derivatives).

    EWMA 2013

    The European Wound Management Association (EWMA) has published a document on the topic of debridement in which Debrisoft (monofilamnet fiber pad) is discussed.



    sterile, individually sealed
    REFShipping Units (pcs.)Weight in kg (SC/TC)
    4" x 4" (10 x 10 cm)31222
    5 per box

    Fields of application 

    • Debridement of both acute and chronic wounds:
      • diabetic ulcers
      • venous ulcers
      • pressure ulcers
      • burns, traumatic and operative wounds
    • to absorb exudate, debris and keratosis during debridement

    Features/ Benefits 

    • 18 million beveled fiber tips gently loosen debris effectively from the wound and protect intact tissue
    • fiber composite also absorbs dead skin flakes and keratosis from the skin surrounding the wound
    • safe and easy to use with rapidly visible results
    • soft fibers make it virtually painless in use and increase patient acceptance

    To note 

    • to be used for debridement only – must not be left on the wound
    • can be used each time the wound dressing is changed, as required
    • should be used until the wound is thoroughly cleansed and has progressed from the cleansing phase to the granulation phase


    • for better results with hyperkeratotic or necrotic wound debris, treat the wound with an autolytic debridement prior to using Debrisoft
    • the soft fiber side may be moisten with any common cleansing solution