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    Our research and development teams operate at a global level and generate synergies from our collective expertise and by drawing on related disciplines. We are also constantly exchanging information at an international level with independent technical institutions, key opinion leaders and multipliers in order to be able to ensure cooperation and knowledge management of the highest order. As part of this process, we also conduct extensive research, the results of which we continually present in workshops, at conferences and symposiums - either in documentation or talks given by our cooperation partners - and also publish in renowned scientific journals. This database contains a large number of these evidence-based scientific articles, most of which have been evaluated by independent assessors:

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      A dressing which can relieve wound pain?

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      Care of a client with chronic oedema within a community setting

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      An audit of nurse’s use of compression hosiery within two NHS Trusts

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      Comparing local (controlled) and national (uncontrolled) evaluations of ActiFormCool

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      Evaluation of new lymphoedema drug tariff garments for lower limbs

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      A well leg model “Prevention is better than cure”

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      Using knowledge and experience to overcome the clinical challenges in the management of significant arterial disease

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      Observational study on compression bandaging systems - effects on healing, patient comfort, nurse benefits and costs.

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      Reduction of pain in painful wounds:A multi-centred audit

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      Development and experiences of wound/leg ulcer management within Rochdale Harm Reduction Services