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L&R at EWMA Conference 2019

Gothenburg, Sweden
5th - 7th June 2019

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Welcome to L&R Australia and New Zealand!

L&R provides healthcare solutions worldwide.

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Debrisoft® Lolly

The new dimension in debridement.

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"ReadyWrap helps me to
control costs and my patients
take control of their lives."

Ellen, Skin and Oedema Therapist

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Raucodrape® PRO OR Drape System

Safety and comfort in the OR.

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Suprasorb® P silicone

The wound dressing for the sensitive skin surrounding the wound

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Practical, quick and easy!

Online app with application techniques for functional synthetic and plaster of Paris casts.

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Would you like to meet us in person? Check our events calendar for Australia and New Zealand and find a conference near you.

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Do you have a question or would like to order a product? Please contact our customer care team.

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Compression therapy today — tradition meets innovation

Compression therapy generally makes use of compression bandages, ready-for-use dressings or stockings.

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An established element of wound management.

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Sentinex® Scrub Suit

The Sentinex Scrub Suit was designed as a disposable product – for good reason. Disposable clothing is superior to standard reusable clothing, in terms of safety and hygiene for example.

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