Customer information on the current supply situation

Information actuelle dans le contexte de la propagation du coronavirus

Dear Ladies & Gentlemen,

For a number of different reasons (altered shipping routes and methods due to the Ukraine war, lockdowns in Asia) we are currently faced with supply-chain challenges relating to certain product groups. Due to these circumstances, L&R unfortunately cannot completely fill orders for some of our products at the moment.

 As a committed partner and solution provider we are putting all our efforts towards making replacement products from our portfolio or new alternative products available to you. Furthermore, we are keeping a close eye on the supply situation and will – wherever possible – adapt the selection and organisation of shipping routes, as well as the product and raw materials situation.

We would like to thank you for your understanding under these extraordinary circumstances.

Rest assured that L&R’s top priority will continue to be filling our customers’ orders!

Heure de la derniére modification : 28. avril 2023 14:13 - La société L&R étant soucieuse de l’environnement, certains emballages peuvent faire l’objet d’une consigne de tri.

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