Accessories L+R disinfect

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Accessories L+R disinfect

Pack contentsREFShipping units
Dish Retainer for L+R dispenser
500 ml1404241
1000 ml1404251
Stainless Steel Pump for L+R dispenser
500 ml1404271
1000 ml1404281
Tubular Frame Attachement for L+R dispenser
500 ml1404291
1000 ml1404301
Rear Support of Dräger Rail for L+R dispenser
500 ml1404311
1000 ml1404321
Angle Plate for L+R dispenser
500 ml1404331
1000 ml1404341
Angle Plate, Tubular Mount for L+R dispenser
500 ml1404351
1000 ml1404361
Angle Plate, Dräger Rail for L+R dispenser
500 ml1404371
1000 ml1404381
Table Stand for L+R dispenser
500 ml1404391
1000 ml1404411
Single-Use Pump for L+R dispenser
500 ml1404491
1000 ml1404501
dosing pump for L+R handdisinfect
500 ml1404401
1000 ml1404421
Attachement for L+R surfacedisinfect wipes
Wall mount1404431
Attachement for L+R surfacedisinfect tissues
Wall mount1404451
Spray Head for L+R surfacedisinfect
1000 ml1404471

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