A full range of supplies for all your casting needs: full-service solutions in the plaster room

Online app with application techniques for functional synthetic and plaster of Paris casts!

Practical, quick and easy - just a few clicks and you’ve got what you need! This online app provides you with a recommendation about correct application techniques for synthetic and plaster of Paris casts presented in text and pictures. It is easy to select the part of the body required, choose between a synthetic and plaster of Paris cast and then specify the indication – all finished. This program does not simply explain the correct application technique but also lists the materials required. The result is available as individual steps or an overview; the latter can also be used for a print-out.

Click here to access the online app!

L&R: the right partner for modern plaster rooms

For over 80 years, L&R has combined quality and functionality in its professional casting products. The whole range of products is characterized by its user friendliness, patient comfort and cost-effectiveness. High-quality, flexible and reliable plaster of Paris and synthetic cast products can thus be created to meet any professional requirement. Customers then have at their disposal a full assortment of internationally recognized brands for the plaster room supplied by an expert in the field.


  • the right wound dressing for every indication
  • a full range of products for the plaster room all from a single source
    • plaster of Paris bandages and splints
    • synthetic bandages and splints
    • products for skin protection and padding
    • immobilization accessories
  • internationally recognized brands: Cellona and Cellacast
  • in the know: centralized and decentralized training programmes for health care professionals


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