Using ReadyWrap to improve patient outcomes in the community.¹

Primary Carer, UK


John is a paraplegic man in his seventies with lymphoedema and venous leg ulcers. His wife Margaret wanted to learn how to manage and to have greater control over, her husband’s condition.

“Compression with ReadyWrap® made an incredible difference in nearly hopeless leg ulcers.”


  • Margaret used a barrier cream with a dressing under a ReadyWrap liner and compression wrap to protect against any leakage
  • She redressed the wound once a day
  • Margaret monitored her husband’s progress and regularly visited his healthcare professional to record it


  • Margaret finds ReadyWrap easy to apply, as it’s made from great material and offers good compression
  • Stays in place for longer and leaves less marking on John’s skin
  • John’s circulation has improved and his wounds have completely healed
  • Margaret feels that her husband has regained his independence, which has had a positive impact on quality of life for both of them

“Our patients wants to be more active and therefore they need products who aren’t really noticeable.”


For Margaret and John, ReadyWrap means more freedom, greater independence and better quality of life.


1)  Interview with Margaret and John Seatte, 17th September 2017.