Sentina® Inko Slip

closed incontinence system

Product composition

  • 2-ply absorbent core: made from oxygen-bleached cellulose
  • superabsorbent polymer: made from sodium polyacrylate
  • nonwoven covering in the middle: hydrophilic polypropylene
  • outside covering: made from polyethylene
  • hotmelt glue
  • rubber band: made from elastane
  • wetness indicator: printed on the outside covering
  • leak barrier and nonwoven covering on the sides: elastic thread, polypropylene, 2 hydrophobic nonwoven bands

Ordering information

Sentina® Inko Slip

S / white33601
M / light blue33602
L / light green33603
M Plus / blue33604
L Plus / green33605
M Xtra Plus / white with blue stripes33606
M Xtra Plus / white with green stripes33607

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Fields of application

for the absorption and storage close to the body of human excrement in stool and urinary incontinence


  • colour-coded sizes
  • absorbent core: soft, remains in place and does not clump into a ball after absorbing liquid
  • superabsorbent polymer: evenly mixed with the pulp
  • retains liquid even when pressed
  • anatomic fit


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