Using ReadyWrap to facilitate self-care and improve quality of life.¹

Community Nurse


Robert’s objective was to improve patient outcomes through self-mana­gement. ReadyWrap was used on patients with lymphoedema and on others with venous oedema, with or without a wound.

“ReadyWrap® means I spend less time bandaging – and my patient can spend more time enjoying life.”


  • all patients received ReadyWrap and were instructed on how to use it
  • documented oedema, tissue density and size of wound
  • patients measured the time that it took to apply on themselves


  • all patients saw an immediate decrease in their oedema
  • tissue density was improved, in most cases
  • treating the wound was much easier with overlapping straps, and took less time than bandaging
  • the modular system allowed patients to wear their usual footwear

“Lymphedema patients’ fight against infections, have feeling of discomfort, heaviness, aching and stiffness in the affected body part.”


For Robert, ReadyWrap means an immediate decrease in his patient’s oedema and improved tissue density.


1)  Robert de Klerk, District Nurse, Amsterdam NL; Jeanette Muldoon, Activa Healthcare Ltd., L&R UK, Annual Meeting of the European Wound Management Association (EWMA), Amsterdam, 3–5 May 2017.