Based in Europe, L&R is a multi-national medical conglomerate that provides quality products to the global Healthcare community. The organization is among the largest suppliers in Europe and has established a quality presence around the World.

    L&R International’s corporate offices are in Rengsdorf, Germany and Vienna, Austria.To best serve the United States market, L&R has integrated an established US office and distribution center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The objective is to provide the ease and convenience of “local service” in combination with its global strength. This, in conjunction with its nationwide distribution team and a continued focus on innovation, education and research, demonstrates a true partnership approach in serving its valuable customers and meeting their important needs.

    Our Focus: the Person

    The company’s primary focus is on the health and care of the individual. Our objective is to provide quality products that aid Healthcare providers to make the healing process as comfortable and as short as possible for the patient. This leads to a primary focus on efficient service product quality.

    Confidence & Partnership

    In selecting products from Lohmann & Rauscher, you can rest assured that you have the support and backing of one of the World’s primary providers of a variety of medical products, including an emphasized focus in compression therapy. We view ourselves as a partner in your success and take that very seriously. The breadth and width of the product line offers many specialized options for your specific treatment objectives.