Silkafix® Adhesive Tape

    Strong, durable, satiny tape adheres well, yet removes easily. Excellent tape for securing lymphedema bandages. Can be torn lengthwise and widthwise. Also suitable for the retention of dressings, bandages, catheters, cannulas, drains or probes.

    White artificial silk, 100 % acetate, non-elastic tape is water and dirt repellent. Silkafix Tape dispenses from a quality, protected, plastic spool for quick and easy application.

    High performance hypoallergenic  polyacrylate adhesive is particularly suitable for sensitive skin.


    Silkafix® Adhesive Tape

    Size REF
    5 m (5.5 yd) roll on a plastic dispensing spool
    1.25 cm (0.5")34324
    2.5 cm (1")34325
    5 cm (2")34326

    Fields of application 

    • Retention of bandages, dressings, venous catheters, cannulas, drains or probes

    Features/ Benefits 

    • Easily tears lengthwise and widthwise for customized application; no scissors needed
    • High performance adhesive leaves no residue on skin or bandages
    • Particularly suitable for sensitive skin
    • Skin-friendly, hypoallergenic
    • White artifical silk, non-elastic tape
    • Water and dirt repellent
    • Latex free