CAUTION: Fake E-Mails in circulation

    Lately, e-mails have been allegedly circulated that appear to be in the name of the management board of Lohmann & Rauscher – namely e.g. Dr Klemens Schulz. In those mails, L&R products are offered for sale as well as fake invoices request the payment of money in advance. These offers and invoices allegedly originating from our company are fake and attempted frauds! As our signature and postal address are utilized, those e-mails might appear to be authentic. That is why we ask you to have a closer look at the e-mail address being used: e-mail addresses such as or, or are not used by L&R. To protect your data, we urge you to not click the links embedded in those e-mails! Always make sure that the e-mail address of a sender matches the sender's text!

    Should you need further clarification in this matter, please contact


    People are our number 1 priority. They are at the heart of everything we do.


    People’s health is both L&R’s area of expertise and sphere of activity.


    We seek to be your preferred solution provider - reliable, customer- and service-oriented.

    L&R develops, produces and distributes products all around the world.

    Debrisoft® Pad

    Debrisoft is a fast, simple and virtually painless method of debridement that quickly impresses with visible results. It allows reliable removal of debris and exudate from the wound as well as the removal of skin flakes and keratosis from the surrounding skin.

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    Rosidal® TCS

    From the acute phase to the healing phase... L&R offers a comprehensive assortment of compression bandages for all phases of treatment. As a result, a number of different compression products are available which create a consistent overall concept.

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    Our vacancies

    We have grown steadily in recent years and now do business worldwide. Great ideas are needed as we increasingly internationalise our product development, marketing, sales, products and logistics. This means exciting opportunities for you. 

    Trade Fairs & Events

    Visit us at one of the following events - we look forward to meeting you:
    • WUWHS

      Abu Dhabi|2020-03-08-2020-03-12
    • EWMA

    • SAWC Spring

      San Diego|2020-05-14-2020-05-18

    das magazin

    With our corporate magazine we show the diversity of L&R. In articles, interviews and stories, we engage with those who make L&R what it is today: partners, employees and customers give an insight into their daily routines and give a sense of the company culture. 

    04. December 2019
    L&R invests in sustainable buildings & infrastructure.
    20. November 2019
    The L&R single-use range
    06. November 2019
    Our demanding quality guidelines form the basis of our regional and international business activities.