Tribute® Wrap

    Adjustable foam compression wrap

    Tribute® Wrap is an adjustable garment with foam technology that nestles into the tissue to promote skin health. It comfortably adjusts to your patient’s unique shape and lifestyle to help maintain gains made during therapy, while allowing the flexibility to support further reduction. Simply slide it on, adjust the straps, and cover with Sleep Sleeve for a comfortable experience.


    How to put on your…

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    Available styles


    Wrist to Axilla

    MCP to Axilla

    Below Knee

    Knee to Thigh

    Care instructions

    L&R USA recommends that all Tribute Wrap garments be washed and dried before the first extended use.

    • Roll back and fasten straps to garment prior to laundering.


    • Machine wash in cold water
    • Do not use fabric softener or bleach
    • Do not dry clean


    • Tumble dry on low heat with other laundry items
    • Do not iron
    • Shorten drying time by pressing out excess water with a towel or tumbling with clean tennis balls

    Material and Manufacturing Guarantee

    Ensuring your patient’s garment is free of material and manufacturing defects

    We guarantee your high-quality Tribute Wrap garment to be free of material and manufacturing defects during the recommended six-month life of the garment.


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    Ordering information

    Tribute® Wrap Glove

    sold individually, Black Sleep Sleeve included
    SizeCircumference (Bc)Circumference (Cc)OrientationREF
    Small16-20 cm16.5-21 cmLeft136783
    Small16-20 cm16.5-21 cmRight136786
    Medium18-22 cm17.5-22 cmLeft136784
    Medium18-22 cm17.5-22 cmRight136787
    Large20-24.5 cm18.5-23 cmLeft136785
    Large20-24.5 cm18.5-23 cmRight136788

    Tribute® Wrap Wrist to Axilla

    sold individually, Black Sleep Sleeve included
    SizeCircumference (Cc)Circumference (Ec)Circumference (Gc)Length (CGL)OrientationREF
    Small16-21 cm22-28 cm25-31 cm43-47 cmLeft136777
    Small16-21 cm22-28 cm25-31 cm43-47 cmRight136780
    Medium17-22 cm26-32 cm30-37 cm43-47 cmLeft136778
    Medium17-22 cm26-32 cm30-37 cm43-47 cmRight136781
    Large18-23 cm30-36 cm35-44 cm43-47 cmLeft136779
    Large18-23 cm30-36 cm35-44 cm43-47 cmRight136782
    Small16-21 cm22-28 cm25-31 cm48-52 cmLeft146012
    Small16-21 cm22-28 cm25-31 cm48-52 cmRight146013
    Medium17-22 cm26-32 cm30-37 cm48-52 cmLeft146014
    Medium17-22 cm26-32 cm30-37 cm48-52 cmRight146015
    Large18-23 cm30-36 cm35-44 cm48-52 cmLeft146016
    Large18-23 cm30-36 cm35-44 cm48-52 cmRight146017

    TributeWrap Below Knee

    sold individually, Black Sleep Sleeve included
    SizeCircumference (BC)Circumference (CC)Length (AYL)Length (YDL)REF
    Small24-30 cm30-36 cm19-22 cm40-44 cm136789
    Small24-30 cm30-36 cm19-22 cm40-44 cm136792
    Medium27-33 cm33-41.5 cm19-22 cm40-44 cm136790
    Medium27-33 cm33-41.5 cm19-22 cm40-44 cm136793
    Large30-36 cm36-45 cm19-22 cm40-44 cm136791
    Large30-36 cm36-45 cm19-22 cm40-44 cm136794
    Small24-30 cm30-36 cm23-26 cm45-49 cm146018
    Small24-30 cm30-36 cm23-26 cm45-49 cm146019
    Medium27-33 cm33-41.5 cm23-26 cm45-49 cm146020
    Medium27-33 cm33-41.5 cm23-26 cm45-49 cm146021
    Large30-36 cm36-45 cm23-26 cm45-49 cm146022
    Large30-36 cm36-45 cm23-26 cm45-49 cm146023

    Fields of application


    • Various stages of lymphedema
    • Edema

    Intended Uses

    • Helps maintain reduced volume and shape by supporting extremities
    • Management of various stages of lymphedema
    • Management of edema
    • Assists in softening of indurated/fibrotic tissue


    • Arterial insufficiency or ABPI < 0.8
    • Moderate to severe peripheral arterial disease
    • Acute DVT
    • Untreated congestive heart failure
    • Untreated cancer
    • Untreated infection (e.g. cellulitis)
    • Known allergy and/or hypersensitivity to any of the product components
    • Severe cognitive impairment


    • Impaired sensation (peripheral neuropathy)
    • Cognitive impairment Any open wounds should be dressed prior to application