Our Friends

    Throughout our time as a company, we've had the pleasure and priviledge of knowing and working with some outstanding programs and organizations. You'll find some of them below, ranging from lymphedema certification schools, to online support groups, to a lymphedema treatment bill that was introduced to Congress. Please visit their sites for more information.

    Lymphedema Schools

    Academy of Lymphatic Studies (ACOLS)

    Formed in 1994 by Joachim Zuther, MLD/CDT Certified Instructor, the Academy of Lymphatic Studies is one of four NALEA member schools. ACOLS offers a variety of Lymphedema Therapy Certification courses ranging from Lymphedema Managment Seminars, to MLD / CDT certifications, to LANA exam prep courses. Click on their logo to the left for more info and to see their course schedule.

    Dr. Vodder School International

    The North American Dr. Vodder School was founded by Robert Harris, MLD/CDT Certified Instructor, CLT-LANA, in 1993. The NALEA member school offers a variety of courses in North America, Asia and Australasia. Courses range from Basic MLD, orthopedic applications, to full Lymphedema Therapy Certification and advanced updating classes. For more info and their full list of courses, please click on their logo to the left.

    Klose Training and Consulting

    A NALEA member school, Klose was established by Guenter Klose, MLD/CDT Certified Instructor, CLT-LANA, in 2003. Their comprehensive course list includes Full Lymphedema Therapy Certification, to the more specialized Breast Cancer Rehabilitation and Head & Neck Lymphedema Management. You can view their course schedule and get more info on their site, just click on their logo to the left.

    Norton School of Lymphatic Therapy

    The Norton School was founded by Steve Norton CDT Clinical Instructor, CLT-LANA, and is a NALEA member school. Norton School offers a wide range of course options from Basic MLD and Full CDT Certification to Wound Care Certification and Advanced Topics. You can click on their logo to the left for more information and to view their full schedule of courses.

    Lymphedema Organizations & Programs

    After Breast Cancer Diagnosis (ABCD)

    Based in the Milwaukee, WI area, ABCD is a unique organization that offers free, personalized information and one-to-one support to anyone affected by breast cancer.

    American Cancer Society

    Since 1913 the American Cancer Society has been on the front lines for the battle against cancer. A global leader in research and support, the American Cancer Society is saving lives every day thanks to supporters like you.

    American Lymphedema Framework Project (ALFP)

    Developed under the leadership of experts and investigators in the field of lymphedema, the ALFP, a partner of the International Lymphoedema Framework, stives to evaluate and advance the quality of lymphedema care.

    Association Quebecoise du Lymphoedeme / Lymphedema Association of Quebec (AQL / LAQ)

    The AQL / LAQ has been providing education, awareness, and support to those living with lymphedema since 1999. Their website is loaded with information, events, and resources on lymphedema.

    International Lymphoedema Framework (ILF)

    The International Lymphoedema Framework has worked with companies and programs across the globe in order to increase awareness and understanding of lymphoedema, help facilitate international collaboration, and work to improve lymphedema management worldwide.

    Lighthouse Lymphedema Network

    Based out of Atlanta, GA, the Lighthouse Lymphedema Network is on a mission to educate, promote awareness, and provide support for people living with lymphedema, their families, the medical community, and everyone else. Be sure to check out their Annual State of Georgia Lymphedema Education & Awareness Day too!

    Lymphatic Education & Research Network (LE&RN)

    LE&RN's efforts to fight lymphedema and lymphatic disease through education, research and advocacy includes many exciting programs (that Solaris stands behind). LE&RN provides annual grants to Research Fellows at the world's leading universities. Through free, live-stream Medical Symposium Series, medical professionals, patients and family members benefit firsthand from the world's leading lymphatic experts. The Patient Registry and Tissue Bank provides researchers with access to information and samples that can further their discoveries. The Walk for Lymphedema & Lymphatic Diseases not only raises funds but it is a empowering event where patients, families, product vendors, medical professionals, politicians and even celebrities join to demand answers, better treatment options and ultimately, to find a cure so that no one will have to suffer with lymphedema and other lymphatic disorders.

    Lymphedema People

    Lymphedema People is an online community for people with lymphedema, made by people with lymphedema. Their forum includes personal stories, articles, information on living with lymphedema, and other topics and resources as well.

    The Lymphedema Treatment Act

    The goals of the Lymphedema Treatment Act are simple and vital: providing education, diagnosis, and treatment for people at risk for lymphedema, providing supplies to encourage self-treatment adherence, and reducing the total healthcare costs associated with lymphedema. Please visit the Lymphedema Treatment Act's website to see how you can help!


    Looking for information on lymphedema? LymphNotes is a fantastic online resource and support group for people living with lymphedema, or for their family, friends, and therapists. Some of the site's features include a forum for open discussions, lymphedema stories, plenty of resources, and more!

    Lymphology Association of North America (LANA)

    A consortium of physicians, nurses, and therapists experienced in lymphology, LANA is a non-profit dedicated to not only promoting awareness and standards of lymphedema management, but also establishing and maintaining certification for professionals who provide such services.

    Marilyn Westbrook Garment Fund

    The Marilyn Westbrook Garment Fund was created to help NLN patient members that need assistance with the purchase of their lymphedema compression garments. For more information about the fund or to make a donation of your own, please go to www.lymphnet.org.

    National Lymphedema Network (NLN)

    The NLN is an internationally recognized non-profit that has been providing education and guidance to people living with lymphedema, medical professionals, and the general public since 1988. You can visit their site and get more information by clicking on their logo to the left.

    North American Lymphedema Education Assocation (NALEA)

    Formed to help unite the lymphedema therapy certification schools, the North American Lymphedema Education Association (NALEA) helps ensure that all of their member schools share the unified goal of setting and maintaining the highest standards of lymphedema education in North America.

    Step Up, Speak Out

    Step Up, Speak Out is a fantastic online resource for all things lymphedema, whether you are a healthcare provider, living with lymphedema, or both.

    The Wittlinger Lymphedema Clinic

    Europe’s center for excellence in holistic Lymphedema management. Inpatient Lymphedema Treatment with Combined Decongestive Therapy and Manual Lymph Drainage according to the Dr. Vodder method.