on Solaris Collections by L&R.

    Purchasing / Insurance Questions

    Where can I purchase a Solaris Collection by L&R garment?

    You can purchase Solaris Collection by L&R products at any number of fine retailers from coast to coast in the United States. Please visit our locator page to find one near you. We're also working on building a greater number of contacts in other countries to better serve you. For a complete list of our international distributors, please visit our international distributors page. If you live in a country that does not currently have a Solaris Collection by L&R distributor, please contact us directly at +1 (414) 892-4140 or inquiries@us.LRMed.com.

    How much will my garment cost?

    Since L&R USA INC. offers both standard size and custom products for lymphedema and venous edema, prices may vary greatly between product lines and retail locations. We encourage you to shop around for the best deal near you. For a list of local or online retailers, please visit our locator page.

    Will insurance cover my garment?

    Private insurance coverage will vary on a variety of factors ranging from product line, to individual policies. In our experience, we've found that many insurance policies will typically cover our Tribute custom lymphedema garments. Policies that include durable medical equipment will also typically cover Tribute or ReadyWrap garments, however, we always recommend checking with your provider directly prior to ordering. Currently, Medicare does not have a payable code for our product lines; however, we always encourage patients to submit the bill to Medicare with a copy of the Solaris packing slip and invoice. In many states Medicaid may pay for the garment if you are a provider and complete the DME Prior Authorization Form.

    Based on your consumer feedback, the HCPCS codes which are typically the most successful (for our Tribute product line) are listed below:

    • E1399 (Durable Medical Equipment, Miscellaneous)
    • A6549 (Gradient Compression Stocking, not otherwise specified)

    Again, while these codes have the highest success rates, coverage will always vary based on individual policies. If you find a code not listed above, please be sure to let us know so we can update our information and make sure that everyone is able to get coverage!

    Although Medicare does not currently cover our garments, the Lymphedema Treatment Act is striving to change that and ensure that everyone living with lymphedema is able to receive proper treatment. So be sure to visit lymphedematreatmentact.org and give them your support!

    Will Medicare cover my garment?

    Currently, Medicare does not have a payable code for our product lines; however, we always encourage patients to submit the bill to Medicare with a copy of the Solaris packing slip and invoice. In many states Medicaid may pay for the garment if you are a provider and complete the DME Prior Authorization Form. For more information on Medicare coverage, please be sure to visit (and support) the Lymphedema Treatment Act!

    Product Questions

    Can I wash my garment in a washing machine?

    Most Solaris Collection by L&R garment are machine washable and dryable (ReadyWrap, however, is hand wash / lay flat to dry). Please refer to your product's user guide for exact care instructions. If you need another user guide, please visit our Product Care page to download a digital version or email us at inquiries@us.LRMed.com and we'll be happy to send you another copy.

    Why is my garment warm?

    Our garments are made with fabrics that are designed to keep you cool and dry. If your garment is a bit warm, it may simply need to be washed as lotion and dead skin can build up and hinder it's breathability. Please remember to also wash your garment prior to wearing it for the first time. For specific washing and care instructions, please refer to your product's user guide on our Product Care page.

    Does my garment contain latex?

    Nope. Solaris Collection by L&R garments are 100% latex and worry free! For a complete list of materials, please be sure to refer to your product's individual user guide.

    What colors can I get my garment in?

    Our standard size products are available in the following colors:

    • Caresia: Blue
    • ReadyWrap: Beige and Black
    • Swell Spots: Grey / Black

    And we're happy to announce that our custom Tribute line is also available in a variety of colors:

    • Black
    • Pink
    • Teal
    • Maroon
    • Purple
    • and Royal Blue!

    Each color is made from the same propritary fabric that you know and love, it's simply dyed a different color.

    Please remember that all monitors display colors differently, so the colors above are only an approximation. If you'd like to see the actual fabric before purchasing a Tribute, we'd be happy to send you a sample! Just email us at inquiries@us.LRMed.com with where you'd like it sent.

    Is my garment warranted?

    Every registered Tribute comes with a one year warranty that covers any material or manufacture defect (please note that fingernail tears, excessive heat, bodily fluids, and animal damage are not covered). Your registered Tribute also has a one time free girth reduction (within the one-year warranty) and a Sure-Fit Guarantee to ensure that you have a properly fitting custom garment! If you still need to register your Tribute, be sure to stop by our Tribute registration page.

    ReadyWrap standard size and custom garments come with a 6 month warranty that covers both material and manufacture defect.

    To help keep costs low, L&R USA INC. does not warrant Caresia or Swell Spots products.

    How long will my Tribute garment last?

    Your Tribute is warranted for one full year. With good care, a Tribute may last longer, however, we suggest that you purchase a new garment every 12 months to maintain maximum effectiveness.

    Can I wear my Tribute garment during the day?

    Your Tribute is designed specifically for night wear and doesn't provide the same class of compression necessary for most daywear garments. While you may love wearing your Tribute, we strongly recommend nighttime usage only (although we've heard some customers tell us that their Tribute helped them prevent swelling during flights). As always, please check with your medical professional for advice.

    Have a question that isn't listed above?

    If you have a question about our company or any of our products that you can't find an answer to, give us a call or email any time and we'll be happy to help!

    T: (855) 892-4140

    E: inquiries@us.LRMed.com