Gazin® Gauze Swabs

Gauze Swabs

Gazin Gauze Swabs are soft, absorbent and air-permeable. Because all of the cut edges are inside, there is no fraying. The range of products includes sterile gauze swabs as well as non-sterile dressings with or without X-ray detectable thread. Sterile gauze swabs with X-ray detectable thread are available under the brand name Setpack.

Product composition

100 % cotton, X-ray detectable thread (blue, polypropylene, polyester thread, barium sulphate)


8-, 12- 16- and 32-ply

17 and 20 threads


Gazin Gauze Swabs

non-sterile, can be sterilised with steam (134°C), in a paper sack
Dimensions (cm)REFShipping units
with X-ray detectable thread, 17 thread count, 12-ply
7.5 x 7.518511100/1000
10 x 1018514100/1000
10 x 12.518516100/1000
with X-ray detectable thread, 17 thread count, 16-ply
5 x 510972100/1000
7.5 x 7.518512100/1000
10 x 1018515100/1000
10 x 12.510957100/800

Fields of application

  • following sterilisation specifically designed for use in the OR
  • for swabbing and absorbing body fluids during surgical procedures


  • non-sterile
  • made from absorbent cotton gauze in compliance with DIN EN 14079
  • soft and absorbent
  • 17 and 20 threads
  • all cut edges are folded inwards so no loose threads