Lomatuell® Pro

Gel-forming contact net

Dressing change interval

The recommended dressing change interval is normally 2–4 days. Depending on the type of wound and its healing progress, the dressing can be left on the wound for a shorter or longer period (up to a maximum of 7 days).

Product composition

polyester tulle impregnated with a coating compound, made from a polymer matrix (an elastic malleable fixing compound), Vaseline and hydrocolloid


Lomatuell Pro

sterile, individually sealed
Dimensions (cm)REFShipping units
5 x 53087010/360
10 x 103087110/120
10 x 203087210/120
10 x 303087310/80
10 x 103087450/450
10 x 4022000010/120
15 x 202200015/50
15 x 302200025/55

Fields of application

  • Wound healing stages
    • Exudation phase
    • Granulation phase
    • Epithelialisation phase
  • Chronic wounds
    • lower leg ulcers
    • diabetic foot ulcers,
    • pressure ulcers
  • Acute wounds
    • lacerations, cuts and abrasions
    • second-degree burns
  • Post-surgical wounds
    • surgical wounds healing by secondary intention
    • skin graft donor sites
  • can be used in combination with negative pressure therapy as a separating layer*)

*) based on in vitro tests

*) based on in vitro tests


  • formation of a gel layer made up of petroleum jelly and hydrocolloid particles
  • atraumatic dressing changes
  • easy to use
  • can be used on both sides
  • can be cut to size for different sizes of wound and areas of the body
  • support for the wound healing process
  • risk of adhesion to the wound is minimised
  • flexible, supple material
  • good exudate drainage into the secondary dressing
  • low-pain dressing changes