Pro-ophta® Junior

Occlusive Dressing

Pro-ophta Junior is used as an opaque covering for the eye during occlusion therapy, for example, to treat strabismus or amblyopia. The adhesive dressing is specifically designed for the sensitive skin around a child’s eyes. The adhesive is applied in strips to the extremely thin nonwoven fabric. This allows frequent dressing changes and good ventilation of the eye. The cotton wool centre keeps the eye in complete darkness. The shape of the dressing - available in two sizes - has been specifically designed for children, ensuring a perfect fit, even when worn with glasses. A variety of child-friendly motifs can be attached to the Pro-ophta Junior, ensuring readier acceptance by young patients.

Product composition

skin-coloured nonwoven base material: 100 % polyester
light-proof and air-permeable centre: 100 % cotton fabric


Pro-ophta Junior Mini

Dimensions (cm)REFShipping units
in transparent cover
5.4 x 6.5168415/2000
in a folding box
5.4 x 6.51684650/1300
5.4 x 6.516843100/2400

Pro-ophta Junior Maxi

Dimensions (cm)REFShipping units
in transparent cover
5.9 x 7168405/2000
in a folding box
5.9 x 71684550/1300
5.9 x 716842100/2400

Fields of application

  • as eye cover in occlusion therapy (e.g. in amblyopia or strabism)


  • opaque dressing
  • thin, supple material
  • skin-friendly adhesive
  • easy to remove without residue
  • can be worn on the left and right eye

To note

  • comfortable to wear under glasses

item number in the German Medical Technical Aids Register (information on prescription and reimbursement is applicable in Germany only)