Because actions count.

As a large corporate group we are very aware of our responsibility to our employees, our customers and to society in general. This is why we consider both our commitment to environmental and social causes and our training and education efforts to be a natural part of our business activities.

Because actions count – Sustainability at L&R

L&R is a sustainably run company. Our commitment is reflected in the three pillars of sustainability which are manifested as binding guidelines in our corporate strategy as well as in many projects and long-term initiatives. 

The L&R Group has a long tradition of sustainable actions and corporate responsibility. Based on our brand values, we balance our responsibility to be financially successful with our responsibility to the environment, our employees and society at large.

In the L&R Sustainability Report we transparently describe our commitment in these areas. In addition, in terms of our corporate strategy for sustainability we continually refine the areas where we are actively in dialogue with our internal and external contacts.

Our sustainability statement

Sustainability Report 2018–2019

Read our Sustainability Report here.