Debridement and wound treatment

Starting 3-step wound therapy with L&R.

We have always been driven by a desire to innovate, and to develop the best patient-oriented solutions. We don’t think of ourselves as just a medical device manufacturer, but also as a service partner and a solution provider.

In this role, we offer successful product combinations and many helpful tips for the challenges of specific wound situations.

  • Step 1: Wound bed preparation. Effective and gentle wound bed preparation is the foundation for a successful healing process.
  • Step 2: Wound treatment. Our range of primary and secondary dressings ensures the right kind of treatment for every wound situation.
  • Step 3: Compression. The right pressure is key. Compression therapy is the basis for successful healing.

Compression therapy today — tradition meets innovation

Compression therapy generally makes use of compression bandages, ready-for-use dressings or stockings. In general, these systems are distinguished by the different levels of resting and working pressure exerted by the varying elasticity of the source materials.
As a specialist in compression therapy, L&R has a wide range of compression therapy products offering combinable components for every application. The company has brought together the best aspects of both tried-and-tested and innovative solutions in Rosidal.

VLU treatment pathway

Support in every phase of compression therapy

In combination with professional wound care, compression therapy is the key to healing ulcers, because it facilitates venous return. Learn more now!


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