tg® Glove

Ready-for-use dressing

Customised hand protection

The tg® Glove aids in the treatment of dermatological diseases on the hand. This ready-for-use dressing is used to cover the skin in dermatological diseases such as contact eczema or photodermatosis or when the skin is under medication. The use of unbleached cotton allows the glove to be well tolerated, particularly in diseased or sensitive skin. The glove can be washed and sterilised and therefore can be used repeatedly in prolonged treatment.

The glove can also be used in orthopaedics and trauma surgery, as undercast padding to protect the skin under synthetic and plaster casts.

Product composition

100 % unbleached cotton, polyester (thread)


tg® Glove

in pairs in a foil pouch
SizeREFShipping units
for children247491/100
for adults size 6 - 7 (small)247501/50
for adults size 7 1/2 - 8 1/2 (medium)247511/50
for adults size 9 - 10 (large)247521/50

Fields of application

  • for sensitive hands
    • for example for wearing under rubber or latex gloves


  • easy, time-saving handling
  • soft and supple
  • anatomically shaped
  • good fit
  • versatile in use

To note

  • washable, steam sterilisable (134°C, 7 min.)