Thin but strong material

Haftan® retains undercast padding material evenly and without bulging, particularly when combined with synthetic material. Haftan’s fine, open-pored surface allows consecutive wraps to adhere to one another, preventing slippage.

Can also be reliably used for sports applications

Haftan® is a thin (0.8 mm) and supple bandage made from white polyurethane foam. It is non-slip und not very bulky. The PU foam is very sturdy and reduces moisture penetration. Haftan® is also used for supportive joint (sports) taping in combination with adhesive bandages or tape.

Product composition

polyurethane foam



0.8 mm thick
Dimensions (cm x m)REFShipping units
7 x 27.5223156/60
10 x 27.5223166/60

Fields of application

  • for use as undercast padding for compression dressings and tape
  • for the retention of pressure-enhancing dressings and padding material under plaster and synthetic casts


  • thin
  • open-pored, supple
  • non-bulky
  • good adhesion
  • white