L&R Academy

Develop talents, enhance competencies

At L&R the focus of our personnel policy is to build up competencies to ensure sustainable company development. We founded the L&R Academy and combined all professional training measures into a graded modular programme to achieve this goal.

The growing demands of our customers and the increasing complexity and speed of changes within our industry and social processes form the framework of personnel development at L&R.

That’s the reason we invest in vocational training from the outset, and also make substantial investments in the individual qualifications of our employees. If our employees demonstrate suitable development and overall performance, we offer them the opportunity within the scope of our training programmes to qualify for more advanced functions within the company and to assume more responsibility.

L&R Human Resources and the company-owned L&R Academy stand for continuous personnel development, for we are convinced that it pays off for a company to invest in its employees.

The Group supports its employees in reaching their goals one step at a time with the comprehensive L&R Academy programmes — for professional development leads to employee satisfaction and is a contributing factor to our company’s success.