A wide range of products for dermatological use

So patients can feel comfortable in their own skin


Skin diseases are often very physically and emotionally stressful for patients. This is why L & R offers special products for dermatology, allergy testing and skin protection.

Curatest: Diagnose allergies with confidence

Curatest is used for patch tests. The products are prefabricated film or nonwoven patch test strips with multiple test chambers which are very easy to use.

tg: Ready-for-use dressings for the upper body and hands

tg dressings in the form of vests, gloves or mittens are used in dermatology and they are soft, supple and well tolerated by the skin. The practical ready-for-use dressing can be applied quickly and is used to cover large areas of diseased skin and skin being treated with medicines. It can also be used as ready-for-use undercast padding with plaster and synthetic casts.



  • easy-to-use patch test strips for allergy testing

tg Ready-for-use dressing

  • e.g. vest, glove or mitten
  • to cover skin diseases and skin being treated with medicines
  • can be used as ready-for-use undercast padding for plaster and synthetic casts
  • soft, supple and well tolerated by the skin
  • practical and time-saving

Curaderm All-in-one Neurodermatitis Suit

  • enclosed arms and legs prevent patients from scratching until they bleed
  • integrated mittens and booties made of reinforced fabric prevent injuries from fingernails and toenails
  • reduces the number of new skin injuries thus lessening itching
  • breathable
  • does not restrict children’s movements