Ear, Nose & Throat

Inserting nasal packings is an everyday manoeuvre for otolaryngologists. Although this is a routine procedure, it makes high demands of the doctor and materials used. L&R’s Raucocel line of products offers a wide range of packings for rhinology and otology.
For example, Raucocel epistaxis packings are used to stop acute nosebleeds and are used in both the posterior and medial areas of the nose.
Raucocel nasal packings for use in rhinoplasty procedures are available straight, anatomically shaped to provide effective support and ventilated for more even distribution of pressure, as well as in the form of Sinus Packing K for use after endoscopic sinus surgery.
For the treatment of inflammation in the external and internal auditory canal and for treatment after postoperative procedures, Raucocel ear packings completes the range of products.

Material properties

Raucocel products are made from a material composed of 100% polyvinyl alcohol. The material’s crosslinked cell structure and controlled pore size give the packing materials their characteristic properties.

Highly absorbent

What makes the product special is its high absorbency. Raucocel absorbs up to 15 times its own weight in fluids. Its rapid capillary action makes it an excellent vehicle for delivering pharmaceutical solutions.


The low-linting properties allow it to be cut to size in some cases and prevent granulomas, infections and embolisms from occurring. The risk of tissue injury from adhesion is much lower than with conventional products. In clinical use, the Raucocel components have been shown to be very well tolerated. There are no known reports of foreign body reactions.

Virtually painless treatment

Patients experience very little pain when treated with Raucocel, which is soft and supple when moist. It has a greater padding effect than conventional material.

Quick and easy to use

The edges of the packing can also be coated with ointment to make it slide in better. Ointments with a low lipid content should be used so Raucocel’s absorbency is not compromised. After the packings are placed in the correct position they are plumped up with saline solution or a pharmaceutical solution.

Effective wound care

When moistened, the elastic material has the same packing qualities and thus the ability to deliver the medication to the wound region, even if the swelling has gone down. If kept continuously moist Raucocel packing can remain in the wound for three to four days. It should be soaked in antibiotic solution to prevent bacterial growth.