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Pro-ophta® Sticks


Fields of application

  • For gentle dissection and swabbing during microsurgy and ophthalmological procedures
  • Surgical procedures on the eyelids or on the eye muscles (strabismus)

Features/ Benefits

  • High absorbency
  • Good capillary action
  • High suction rate
  • Retains firmness required for swabbing and dissecting out
  • Bevelled on both sides

Developed specially for ophthalmological surgery, Pro-ophta Sticks are flexible surgical swabs with high absorption rate and good capillary action. The sticks are highly absorbent while maintaining necessary rigidity. Pro-ophta Sticks have bevelled ends. Due to the viscose nonwoven material with an absorbent cellulose coating, the Pro-optha Sticks are gentle to the eye. Pro-ophta Sticks are also useful in eyelid surgery (entropium and ectropium) and in eye muscle operations to treat strabismus.

Because of their special properties, Pro-ophta Sticks can also be used for microsurgery.

Ordering information

Pro-ophta® Sticks

Non-Sterile Bulk
Size (Ø , Length)REF
5 mm x 64 mm (0.2" x 2.6")16515