Upper Extremity

    Wrist to Axilla (UE-CG)

    • Compression: 18-21 mmHg (Class 1), 23-32 mmHg (Class 2), 34-46 mmHg (Class 3)
    • Color Options: Black, Beige

    Modifications for Upper Extremity Garments

    ModificationsOptionsAvailable Styles

    Width3.5 cm or 5 cm widths
    Diameter coverageFull or 3/4 (3/4 inside placement only)
    Placement locationInside or Top
    PocketPlacement locationLocation customized for troublesome or sensitive areas
    ZipperPlacement locationLocation customized to assist with donning

    Fields of application 

    • Therapeutic compression for daytime management of various stages of lymphedema/edema
    • Maintain reduced volume and shape of upper and lower extremities

    Fields of application 

    • Flat-knit structure/material
    • Made to patient’s exact measurements
    • Made of high quality, durable material
    • Manufactured in Milwaukee, WI USA
    • Machine wash and dry
    • Does not contain natural rubber latex
    • Comfortable and breathable
    • Superior fit
    • Pairs well with ExoStrong™ and ExoSoft™ gloves
    • ExoCustom™ and TributeNight™ provides a complete 24/7 custom compression solution