Breast Pad

    Breast Pad, SP-09

    Designed specifically for use on the breast area, and can be worn inside a bra.

    Lateral Bra Pad

    Lateral Bra Pad, SP-16-A

    Designed for use on the lateral chest wall, and can be worn inside a bra.

    Full Bra Pad

    Full Bra Pad, SP-16-B

    Designed for use from the lateral chest wall toward the anterior midline of the chest, and can be worn inside a bra.

    Kidney Pad

    Kimbe Pad, SP-08

    Designed for use at the scapula, groin, or neck.

    Designed by Kimberly Brungardt, OTR, CLT-LANA

    Head-Neck Pad

    Reynolds Pad, SP-12

    Versatile design for use on the face and neck by placing the Head-Neck Pad in various locations along the strap.

    Designed by Jodi Reynolds, PT

    Rectangular-tapered Pad

    Katina Pad, SP-05

    Tapered design for use at the ulnar aspect of the forearm, the IT band of the lateral thigh, or the anterior surface of the calf.

    Designed by Katina Kirby, OTR/L, MS, CLT-LANA

    Dorsal Pad

    Dorsal Pad, SP-02

    Designed to use on the dorsum of either the hand or foot.

    Palmar Pad

    JoJu Pad, SP-07

    Versatile design for use on dorsum or palmar surface of the hand, concave shape of palm, or inside a bra.

    Designed by Jodi Reynolds, PT

    Scrotum Pad

    Scrotum Pad, SP-15-M

    Tapered pad designed for the male genital area that can be worn inside or over underwear.

    Crescent Pad

    Crescent Pad, SP-13

    Wedge-shaped design to support lobules, skin folds, and lax abdominal tissue.

    Ring Pad

    Scrotum Pad, SP-18

    Versatile design to fill crevices or lift lobules at the ankle, wrist, or abdominal pannuses.(Available with or without a VELCRO® brand hook closure.)

    Circular Pad

    Sobol Pad, SP-06

    Versatile design for use on the chest wall, hip, anterior knee, posterior knee, and abdomen.

    Designed by Maria Sobol, PT, CLT-LANA

    Oval Pad

    Oval Pad, SP-04

    Versatile design for use inside the hand splints, along the ulnar aspect of the forearm, and the groin.

    Knee-elbow Shaper Pad

    LT Knee Shaper Pad, SP-17

    Designed to slide onto knee or elbow to contour and pad the bony prominence.

    Designed by Bonnie Lasinski, MA, PT, CI, CLT-LANA

    Labia Pad

    Sobol Pad, SP-06

    Tapered design for the female genital area and lower abdomen that can be worn inside or over underwear.

    Female Genital Pad

    Sweet Spot Pad, SP-19

    Designed for use in the female genital area — can be placed inside or over underwear. One side of the pad is made of non-skid material to help reduce shifting.

    Designed by Melissa Dettmer, MTP, CLT-LANA

    Toe Pad

    We’a Toe Pad, SP-14

    Unique digit spacers pad designed for comfort and separation of individual toes.

    Versi-Face Pad

    Versi-Face Pad, SP-10

    Versatile design for use around the eyes, vertically along the mandible, or under the chin.

    Tic-Tac Pad

    Tic-Tac Pad, SP-20

    Versatile design to address larger areas of edema and fibrosis, such as the back, abdomen, or thigh.

    Thora-Thigh Pad

    Thora-Thigh Pad, SP-11

    Versatile design for use at the chest, groin, medial thigh, and ankle.