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Lower Extremity Modifications

Outer Jacket (LE-OJ)

  • Provides additional compression when worn over TributeNight™ garments; will not provide compression when worn alone
  • Choose between hook and loop or snap closure that secures the Outer Jacket approx. one inch below the garment's top hem
  • Outer Jackets should be replaced every six months to maintain effectiveness; TributeNight™ warranty does not apply
  • OJ shown is LE-OJ-AD in Teal, but is available in any of the TributeNight™ color options

Variable Compression Jacket (LE-VCJ)

  • Exclusive design is a viable option in the restorative phase of therapy for clients who find multi-layer bandaging difficult
  • Non-latex foam backing prevents migration when worn over TributeNight™ garments. Velcro® receptive fabric is breathable, wicks moisture, and resists binding
  • Therapists adjust the ladder style straps with the limb in neutral position for proper fit. Patients can use the zipper on the anterior side for daily donning/doffing
  • Variable Compression Jackets are sold exclusively with a TributeNight™ garment; TributeNight™ warranty does not apply. VCJ shown is LE-VCJ-AD

Easy-Slide® Donning Aid (MO-EZ)

  • Reduces friction between garments and skin, extends life of garments, and eases donning
  • Appropriate for use with all styles of open toe and arm garments (will not work when using a We'a Toe Swell Spot or closed toe garments)
  • Made from 100% washable nylon
  • Size is based on the client's measurements

Pull-Up Loops (MO-PL)

  • Low-strech reinforcement straps assist clients with independent donning and are placed on the lateral and medial sides of the leg unless otherwise noted on the order form
  • Intended to aid clients with limitations in reach or trunk flexion
  • We recommend zipper modifications for clients needing to regularly tug and pull on their garment for comfort

Zipper - Vertical Style (MO-ZP)

  • Designed to aid in donning and doffing
  • Zippers on Vertical style garments are placed on the dorsum of the foot (beginning at ankle and ending at top of the garment)
  • All zippers are backset to prevent pinching of skin
  • Please indicate the comment section on the order form if you need customized placement

Zipper - Chevron Style (MO-ZP)

  • Designed to aid in donning and doffing
  • Ask client to touch their foot from a seated position to see which side they naturally reach towards and indicate this on the order form. If custom placement is not indicated, zipper will default to medial seam
  • Typically begins at the ankle and ends at mid-thigh in LE-AG-C garments, and begins at the ankle and ends at the knee in LE-AD-C garments
  • All zippers are backset to ensure that skin will not be pinched

Adjustable Panel (MO-AP)

  • Flaps are segmented in 10 cm panels to allow for adjustability
  • Exterior fabric is Velcro®-receptive to prevent over-compression
  • Available in black fabric only

Velcro® Closure (MO-VC)

  • Velcro® tabs help aid in donning and provide relief from compression on sensitive parts of the limb
  • 10 cm maximum length is suggested
  • Available in black fabric only

Non-Skid Foot Pads (MO-SO)

  • Placed on the heel strike and toe lift-off to help prevent slipping when walking
  • Not intended to replace walking soles for extended use
  • We recommend placing pads only on the Outer Jacket when ordering a TributeNight™ garment and an Outer Jacket to be worn together

Fields of application

Why use TributeNight™?

  • To maintain reduced fluid volume and shape of upper and lower extremity limbs
  • Management of lymphedema
  • Help soften indurate tissue and help improve circulation.


  • Arterial Insufficeincy or degeneration
  • Deep Vein Thrombosis
  • Untreated congestive heart failure
  • Untreated localized or systemic infection
  • Untreated cancer
  • Absent or severaly imparred sensation
  • Severe cognitive impairment
  • Stop use if rash, numbness, or skin color change occurs

Features/ Benefits

  • Eliminates nightly wrapping and help increase patient compliance
  • Stimulate the intial lymphatics and help reduce fibrosis by creating locatlized tissue stretch and pressure differential
  • Machine wash and dry garment
  • Backed by an industry leading One Year Warranty and exclusive SureFit Guarantee
  • Available colors:

    • Black
    • Slate
    • Purple
    • Raspberry