04. prosince 2019

L&R invests in sustainable buildings & infrastructure.



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04. prosince 2019
L&R invests in sustainable buildings & infrastructure.
20. listopadu 2019
The L&R single-use range
06. listopadu 2019
Our demanding quality guidelines form the basis of our regional and international business activities.
23. října 2019
Our supply chain is characterised by sustainability: at all times and all over the world.
09. října 2019
Interview with Jasmine Schweitzer – Corporate Sustainability Manager at L&R.
25. září 2019
Clicks, fibres and recycling
28. srpna 2019
The world of music in the operating room.
14. srpna 2019
My day with supports and orthoses.
31. července 2019
Our L&R Academy trainers provide training to customers, business partners and L&R staff around the world – from Tehran to St. Petersburg.
17. července 2019
Dr. Thami Tazi from Morocco
03. července 2019
The use of artificial intelligence in the healthcare sector will revolutionise the quality of patient care.
19. června 2019
The lion’s share of sales at L&R does not come from our marquee products which are highlighted in every presentation, it comes from our buried...
05. června 2019
A visit to L&R’s college instantly impresses upon visitors the meaning and symbolism of the company’s brand.
22. května 2019
Christina Hankins from Texas
08. května 2019
Since May 2018, Lohmann & Rauscher has been offering single-use instruments for hospitals, medical practices, nursing homes, and home care under our...
11. dubna 2019
Challenging, exciting and optimistic times lie ahead!
2018 in the UK – a year full of changes for leg ulcer care.
27. března 2019
Social responsibility – going global
13. března 2019
Singe-use products in the OR.
27. února 2019
“Being active counts.” – that’s the title of our sustainability report, the first of its kind published by the L&R Group.
14. února 2019
Healthy feet are trending – attractive, pain-free feet are part of the lifestyle of the target group of women.
30. ledna 2019
At the occasion of the opening of a new biofilm centre of ­excellence at its Schönau an der Triesting development facility, L&R organised a symposium...
16. ledna 2019
Efficient processes, multicultural teams, sustainable growth.
17. května 2018
Who are the people behind L&R, what are their tasks?
02. května 2018
Björn Jäger – a wound expert and orderly at a correctional facility
16. dubna 2018
At the company’s own L&R Academy, business partners and L&R employees are able to utilise the large amount of know-how and training possibilities.
29. března 2018
Design Thinking is a systematic innovation approach to complex problems in all areas of life.
15. března 2018
The 65 year-old doctor is able to look back on a diversified and exciting professional life.
05. března 2018
In daily business, speed is of the essence – and a clear design indispensable
15. února 2018
wound manager, director and head of nursing at the Northern Lymphology Clinic in the UK, university lecturer
02. února 2018
As head of the “Task Force on Sustainability”, Thomas Menitz looks after a number of diverse projects on the integrated management of sustainability...
17. ledna 2018
At L&R research and development activities which make wound therapies more efficient and easier and quicker to apply are our number one priority.
08. prosince 2017
Debrisoft® – the Original
New debridement techniques with the Debrisoft® Lolly
29. listopadu 2017
More than 9,400 individual components to choose from
20. listopadu 2017
At the “Dermatologie am Sendlinger Tor” practice, the shared values of the three dermatologists and their group practice’s team are front and centre.
09. listopadu 2017
Wolfgang Süßle has one goal: to make the Corporate Strategy 2020 become reality. He and his team are doing everything to implement this project.