Cellona® Synthetic Undercast Padding

Smart padding

Soft and protective: Cellona® Synthetic Undercast Padding is a high-loft, elastic padding used to protect exposed bones and nerves under plaster and synthetic casts. It retains its loft and elasticity over time.


The synthetic undercast padding can be used for a number of different applications. It is used as padding for splints and compression bandages as well as a protective layer under plaster and synthetic casts. In wound care, it functions as padding when combined with textile dressings or paraffin gauze dressings.

Cotton-wool soft for virtually crease-free application

The fine fibrous web is dense enough to be applied in a circular fashion, but can be gently teased apart where needed and prevents bulging, enhancing wearing comfort. The material is also well suited for treating narrow areas of the body such as the thumb because it can be tapered by gently stretching it lengthwise. An adhesive effect inherent to the material makes the padding easier to apply and to smooth out.

Good padding for wearing comfort

The synthetic padding is characterised by its air permeability and temperature equalisation. The fibres do not absorb moisture, thereby reducing the setting time. The synthetic undercast padding is available in a standard and sterile version.

Product composition

100 % non-brightened polyester fibres


Cellona® Synthetic Undercast Padding

Dimensions (cm x m)REFShipping units
6 x 3106866/60
10 x 3106874/40
4 x 310690108
6 x 31069272
10 x 31069448
20 x 31069624
6 x 3127708/64
10 x 3127718/64
15 x 3127725/40
20 x 3127734/32

Fields of application

  • for padding under plaster of Paris and synthetic casts and compression bandages
  • as padding material in traumatology and sports medicine
  • for padding under compression bandages


  • high-loft, elastic fibrous web
  • fibres hold tightly together allowing circular application
  • can be gently stretched to become narrower vertically
  • air-permeable
  • polyester fibre is virtually non-absorbent