Cellona® Splint, Cellona® Wide Material

The practical plaster splint

Cellona Plaster of Paris Splints are used to mould immobilising casts on injured or fractured limbs. They can also be used to apply splints and reinforce circular casts. Cellona Wide Material is used for casts which cover large areas.

Product composition

17-thread count cotton gauze fabric, Plaster coating consisting of α- and β-calcium sulphate hemihydrate


Cellona Splint

in foil pouch and cardboard dispenser
Dimensions (cm x m)REFShipping units
10 x 20255001
12 x 20255011
15 x 20255021
20 x 20255031

Cellona Wide Material

individually packed in a foil pouch, rolled
Dimensions (cm x m)REFShipping units
40 x 5203011/10
60 x 5203021/10
80 x 5203031/10

Fields of application

  • for moulding immobilising casts on injured or fractured limbs
  • to apply splints and reinforce circular casts


  • quickly becomes soaked through
  • ready-to-dip sheets of material, folded in 4 layers
  • splinting technique for shorter application times
  • conforms well to the body’s contours
  • very creamy

To note

  • recommended water temperature: 20 to 25°C
  • casts can withstand partial weight-bearing after 30 mins
  • can withstand full weight-bearing after 36-48 hours