Cellacast® Active Cast Tape

    Cellacast Active is fast and easy to apply. The polyester substrate has a very high elasticity which provides exceptional conformability especially around the heel and Achilles tendon.

    Stability and flexibility of the cast can be individually adjusted by the number of layers. Fewer layers offer greater flexibility, more layers increase stability providing immobilization where necessary. Depending on the number of layers, a Cellacast Active cast can be cut with cast scissors.

    For use in creating a negative impression mold, in addition to the tape's conformability, the combination of the substrate and resin creates a less porous mold, thus reducing the plaster loss seeping through the substrate.

    Low tack resin allows for easy handling and molding using standard exam gloves.


    Cellacast® Active

    individually sealed, 10 rolls per box
    Size REF
    1" x 2 yd
    2" x 4 yd
    3" x 4 yd23036
    4" x 4 yd23037
    5" x 4 yd23038
    2" x 4 yd23040
    3" x 4 yd23041
    4" x 4 yd23042
    5" x 4 yd23043
    2" x 4 yd23045
    3" x 4 yd23046
    4" x 4 yd23047
    5" x 4 yd23048

    Fields of application 

    • For focused immobilization following fractures and surgery and the treatment of ligament injuries
    • Immobilization with controlled movement
    • Good choice for children's casts
    • Create a mold of a residual limb or foot for the purpose of making an orthotic or prosthetic

    Features/ Benefits 

    • high flexibility and mobility
    • removable with the cast scissors
    • fibreglass-free support
    • quick and easy to process
    • thin, lightweight polyester fabric conforms easily to the body contours
    • particularly X-ray transparent — the course of healing is easier to monitor

    To note 

    • Wearing gloves is recommended when working with this product
    • can be removed with cast scissors
    • setting time: 4-5 min
    • entirely resilient after 20-30 min
    • recommended water temperature: 20 to 25°C


    • Cellacast hook-and-loop tapes are available for the retention of splints and braces for focused immobilization.
    • Cellacast Hook Tape:
    • Cellacast Loop Tape:
    • both versions made from polyamide rolled in a cardboard dispenser