Cellacast® Soft Cast Tape

    Where injuries require a functional but not a rigid immobilization, Cellacast Soft is the product of choice. Only a few layers will result in a cast that is semi-rigid and comfortable to wear. Muscle atrophies and joint stiffnes are among the negative effects of immobilization. Risks you can reduce with Cellacast Soft. Cellacst Soft maintains the function of muscles and tendons with a positive result on the healing process and subsequent rehabilitation.

    In combination with rigid casting material, e. g. Cellacast Xtra, the stability of Cellacast Soft can be increased where required.


    Cellacast® Soft Casting Tape

    individually sealed, 10 rolls per box
    Size REF
    1" x 2 yd
    2" x 4 yd23722
    3" x 4 yd23723
    4" x 4 yd23724
    5" x 4 yd23725
    2" x 4 yd23726
    3" x 4 yd23727
    4" x 4 yd23728
    5" x 4 yd23729

    Fields of application 

    • For semi-rigid casts following fractures, surgery and orthopedic correction
    • For treating joint and bone disorders and ligament and tendon injuries
    • Excellent choice for children's casts

    Features/ Benefits 

    • Fiberglass material remains semi-rigid and flexible
    • Diagonal and widthwise elasticity provides good conformability to body contours
    • Lightweight and comfortable
    • Excellent lamination
    • X-ray transparent
    • Can be removed with cast scissors
    • Use standard exam gloves when working with the product

    To note 

    • Knitted fiberglass fabric impregnated with polyurethane resin