Komprex® II

    Foam Sheet, Wavy

    Komprex II provides excellent padding and at the same time its special surface creates a firm, yet gentle micro massaging effect.
    Narrow strips of open cell, polyurethane foam material surrounded by a soft, skin-friendly, non-woven, breathable, non-slip padding material provide a channeling effect. This channeling loosens hardened and fibrotic tissue while offering better air flow for greater patient comfort and compliance.


    Komprex® II Foam Sheet

    individually wrapped in paper and a resealable bag
    65 x 65 cm (26" x 26")16985

    Fields of application 

    • Compression in treatment of edema (lymphology and phlebology)
    • Increase local pressure (in combination with other compression products)
    • Soften fibrosis

    Features/ Benefits 

    • Provides firm yet gentle micro-massaging effect to help soften hardened and fibrosclerotic tissue
    • Latex free
    • Can be washed up to
      30° C/ 86° F

    To note 

    • Narrow strips of polyurethane foam rubber embedded in a polyester, non-woven fabric


    • To avoid obstructions of lymphatic flow, the foam line must always be applied in a direction lengthwise to the extremity with the soft, comfortable side of the material facing the body.