Suprasorb® F

    Protects wounds and secures dressings

    Suprasorb F transparent film dressings help protect the wound against contaminants and help shield the wound from external moisture. The dressings can be worn even while the patient is showering.

    The moisture vapor permeability of Suprasorb F allows excess moisture to evaporate through the dressing, while maintaining the necessary moist wound environment to help promote wound healing.

    Easy to use, Suprasorb F is flexible, stretchable, and conforms to even challenging body contours. The dressings' transparency encourages visual inspection of the wound and its progress without being removed.

    Dressing Change Interval

    Is determined by the treating physician based on wound condition, degree of exudate and possible primary dressing, after 5-7 days at the latest.


    Suprasorb® F, sterile

    Film wound dressing, sterile, individually sealed
    Size (cm)Item No.Shipping Units (per Box/case)
    5 x 72046010/380
    5 x 720461100/1000
    10 x 122046210/100
    10 x 122046350/200
    10 x 252046410/140
    15 x 202046510/400
    20 x 302046610/180

    Fields of application 

    • lightly exuding wounds
    • superficial wounds
    • non-infected wounds
    • wounds in the epithelialization phase, e.g.
      • venous ulcers
      • superficial burns
      • donor sites
      • post surgical wounds
      • abrasions
      • pressure sores

    Features/ Benefits 

    • easy to apply
    • high wearing comfort thanks to secure and flexible grip
    • transparency encourages wound inspection
    • helps repel fluids and external contaminants
    • excellent breathability promotes very good wound healing
    • can be worn when showering
    • can be wiped clean, with disinfectants containing alcohol, iodine and octenidinel
    • helps reduce friction and shear injury

    To note 

    • Also, suitable as a secondary dressing to secure and protect primary dressings and for IV and catheter securement