tg® Ready-for-use Dressings

Ready-for-use dressing

Seamlessly taking finger injuries in hand

The tg® Finger Stall is used for finger injuries as a protective cover for wound dressings. This dressing is significantly easier to use than conventional tubular bandages because it can be easily pulled over the finger. It is easily secured around the wrist. The circular knit, seamless ready-for-use dressing stretches and adjusts to fit all finger sizes.

Hand and foot dressing

The tg® Hand/Foot Dressing is used for hand and foot injuries. Because the material is so flexible, it can even cover thick padding and wounds with swelling. It is quick and easy to use. Soft, very flexible material with seamless construction which prevents bunching translates into good skin tolerability and increases patient comfort.

The top priority: secure and comfortable all over

The tg® Head Dressing is a multifunctional tubular dressing which is used to retain wound dressings and padding. In dermatological conditions, it can also be used over ointment dressings.

Adjustable and very comfortable

The seamless, circular knit dressing can be stretched and conforms comfortably to the skin to fit any head shape. It fits well without bunching. Openings can be cut into the loose knit head dressing without further tearing. The ends which are created can be tied together under the chin without using any additional materials.

Product composition

67 cotton (bleached), 33 viscose


tg® Finger Stall

SizeREFShipping units
individually packed in a bag240801/25/250
50 pieces in a cardboard box2408150/750

tg® Hand/Foot Dressing

SizeREFShipping units
10 pieces in a cardboard box2408510/200

tg® Head Dressing

SizeREFShipping units
10 pieces in a cardboard box2408310/200

Fields of application

  • to cover dermatological conditions (e.g. contact eczema, photodermatosis, skin being treated with medication)
  • retention of wound dressings
  • to cover even weeping, acutely inflamed or chronic skin conditions


  • easy, time-saving handling
  • well tolerated by the skin
  • soft and conformable
  • good fit

To note

  • can be sterilised with water vapour (121°C)