Elastic Conforming Bandage

Practical, quick retention

Because it can be applied quickly and reliably, the elastic conforming bandage Raucolast® works especially well on tapered parts of the body and joints. It is used to immobilize parts of the body, as well as to retain bandages and supply compression.

Product composition

100 % polyester



stretched length, in bulk in a cardboard box
Dimensions (cm x m)REFShipping units
4 x 41149320/320
6 x 41149620/200
8 x 41149920/200
10 x 41148520/160
12 x 41148820/120

Fields of application

  • for retention (e.g. of wound dressings, padding material, splints and cannulas)


  • lengthwise elastic (to about 100%)
  • air-permeable and textured
  • does virtually not crease when applied
  • retains reliably even on tapered parts of the body and joints
  • with selvedges
  • white