Raucodrape® OR Table Covers

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Raucodrape® OR Table Covers, sterile

Raucodrape® OR Table Covers are fluid-impermeable and extremely tear-resistant with an absorbent nonwoven layer. They are suitable for all side and instrument tables.


Raucodrape® OR Table Covers

Size (cm)REFShipping units
OR Table Cover, Standard
120 x 1403309026/52
150 x 1903309115/30
OR Table Cover, Special
150 x 1903309211/22
OR Table Cover, Special XL
200 x 250340967/14
Instrument table cover Standard
80 x 1453309335/70
Instrument table cover Lite
80 x 1453309440/80
Instrument table cover Special
80 x 1453309525/50