Raucodrape® Split Sheets

Drapes and accessories

Raucodrape® OR Split Sheets, sterile

Raucodrape® OR Split Sheets are fluid-impermeable drapes with excellent drapability with a U-shaped cut-out and 3-part adhesive strips for easy and reliable application on the patient. They are suitable for procedures on the extremities and in the shoulder, neck and head area.

Raucodrape® SMART OR Split Sheets

Fluid-impermeable drapes with good draping behaviour, a U-shaped fenestration and a three-piece adhesive strip for easy and safe application to the patient; for procedures on the limbs, shoulder, neck/throat and head.

Raucodrape® PRO Split Sheet, sterile

The Raucodrape® PRO Split Sheet of 150 x 250 cm with a 10 x 80 cm slit is suitable for surgical procedures around the face and neck in particular.


Raucodrape® PRO OR Split Sheets

Size (cm)Slit Size (cm)REFShipping units
75 x 907 x 303306235/140
125 x 15010 x 453306428/56
150 x 20010 x 653306714/28
150 x 25010 x 803307314/28
225 x 26010 x 1003306913/26
150 x 20010 x 653306810/20
2-layered Plus
225 x 26010 x 1003307111/22
2-layered Plus, with integrated tube fixations
225 x 28010 x 1003306010/20
bilateral, 2-layered Plus, with integrated tube fixations
175 x 26020 x 1003307213/26
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Raucodrape® SMART OR Split Sheet

sterile, 2-layered
ContentsSize (cm)REFShipping units
Split sheet, 2-layered,200 x 2603376018
slit10 x 80
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Raucodrape® Split Sheet

sterile, PE film
Size (cm)Slit Size (cm)REFShipping units
150 x 21014 x 753306640/80
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