L&R Idea Pool

    Innovation management at L&R.

    People.Health.Care. – it’s not just the L&R corporate tagline, it’s also our mission. Using a focussed innovation management process, we are continually developing new product solutions and services that have notable advantages for healthcare professionals and patients. 

    Our research and development teams are deployed worldwide and they generate synergies from our expert knowledge and related disciplines. We believe that partnerships are very important to innovation, so we share information internationally with independent technical institutions, key opinion leaders and multipliers in order to ensure cooperation and knowledge management at the highest level. 

    Innovation culture, idea management and the testing of new methods are the constants of the innovation process at L&R. In international, intercultural and interdisciplinary teams, global networking and the search for the best solutions are promoted daily. 

    L&R has established a process for evaluating product ideas and suggestions for refining products, services or treatment concepts in a structured way. During this process, it is important to us that there is transparency and the person who submitted the idea is regularly updated.

    Want to submit an idea to L&R? 

    Using the idea pool portal below, contact us and submit your idea. You will get a response from us as soon as your idea is in the system and thus in the idea pool.  

    Based on what criteria are the ideas assessed? 

    The L&R idea pool team evaluates all new ideas using an established list of criteria, including the following considerations:  

    • Does the idea integrate with the existing product range or L&R’s offerings?
    • Is it a market innovation?
    • Is it feasible with regard to production, safety, quality standards and ecological considerations?

    And of course general considerations: 

    • Is the idea promising?

    How is your idea evaluated?

    Turning your idea into reality involves several stages (see graphic). If your idea is rated generally positively by the idea pool team based on the stated criteria, there is a fact-based assessment phase during which the idea is again put to the test at the end of every stage. In the best-case scenario it will be rated positively at every stage and ultimately implemented. As the person who submitted the idea, you will be regularly updated on the status of your idea throughout the evaluation process.

    Submit an idea

    If possible, please submit your idea in German or English.

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