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    To ensure continued success in the growing healthcare market in the future, it is essential to already be well-prepared today. Innovative care concepts and the efficient use of resources play a crucial role in achieving this goal.

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    Future Challenges

    Increasing quality competitiveness, cost and time pressures, shortages of skilled staff, a closer link from inpatient to outpatient care – the challenges in routine clinical practice are many and varied.

    With L&R OPTILINE® we have been offering a holistic solution for over 20 years, providing added value for strategic partnerships for the future of purchasing.

    Experienced teams of experts provide professional advice on-site. We set great store on communication at eye level.

    Our L&R OPTILINE® solution helps you to streamline product ranges, reduce the number of suppliers, standardise items and processes and optimise billing.

    This generates potential savings – both financial and process-related.

    The individual components and services are available to you on a modular and flexiblebasis.

    We support you throughout implementation.

    1. Back office and on-site analysis

    We perform a comprehensive back office and on-site analysis based on your data and needs. Based on this and the subsequent on-site inspection,we provide you with a recommendation on how you can streamline and optimise your medical device range within the scope of our product portfolio.

    2. Presentation of results to decision makers

    Your individual processes and workflows are always at the forefront of our analysis. Once the results of our L&R OPTILINE® analysis have been clearly and professionally prepared, they are presented to your decision-making committee. You then decide on how to proceed with the project based on this proposal and in consultation with our specialists.

    3. Evaluation phase with practical trial

    To allow you to judge for yourself the quality of our products and the solution we have developed for you, we first trial them on-site together with your users.



    4. Feedback Interviews

    In the subsequent feedback interviews, we take on board the wishes of all involved parties and any changes suggested and fine-tune the concept to your needs. Our goal is to meet a standard that is accepted by all involved parties.

    5. Supporting implementation and training

    Our L&R experts perform implementation and training on-site at your premises to the jointly agreed standard.

    6. Long-term consulting and controlling

    As an L&R OPTILINE® customer, you can expect long-term intensive support and consulting to ensure the project’s continued success.


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