Other Hygiene Products

    Useful aid for daily care

    Soft, economical all-purpose dressing, consisting of a fine nonwoven layer with an absorbent layer made out of bleached cellulose. The wound-friendly nonwoven material and absorbent layer are bonded, crease-free, by a dot matrix. As a result, Zemuko® dressings can be cut off the roll lint-free and without fraying. Zemuko® dressings are also available with an all-round gauze cover.


    • Zemuko® nonwoven dressing, off the roll, can also be used as a liner for instrument trays
    • Zemuko® seamless dressing, cellulose with an all-round gauze cover (cotton/viscose)
    • Zemuko® dressing, sterile


    A dispenser is available for rolled dressing materials used at medical practices and in outpatient settings, e.g. Gazin, Zemuko® and Zelletten®.

    The Sentina® face cloth is a flat nonwoven material pocket seamed on one long side and one short side with a blue checked pattern.

    Product composition

    100 % highly bleached dressing cellulose

    Ordering information


    low bioburden during manufacture, 500 swabs in a foil pouch
    Dimensions (cm)REF
    5 x 413353


    polystyrol, transparent, empty, max. width of contents 10 cm

    Raucotupf Cotton-tipped Applicators

    Packs of 2 pieces, sterile, with wood stick, small cotton tip
    Packs of 2 pieces, sterile, with PP stick, large cotton tip
    Packs of 5 pcs, sterile, PP stick

    Sentina® Wash Glove

    made from nonwoven material
    Dimensions (cm)REF
    15.5 x 23140080

    Urine Bottle

    made of plastic, unbreakable, graduated, with cover, individually packed in a foil pouch
    Load capacity ( ml)REF

    Ricosan Single-use Wash Glove

    Extra inside coating (16 x 22)63742

    Sentina® Blood Draw Pad

    made from 1 layer of tissue and 1 layer PE
    Dimensions (cm)REF
    40 x 3816618

    Sentina® Single-Use Bib

    made from 1 layer of tissue and 1 layer of PE, blue, with spill pocket
    Dimensions (cm)REF
    60 x 4016429

    Sentina® Single-Use Shoe Cover

    made from 100% polyethylene, blue
    Dimensions (cm)REF
    41 x 1530784


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