Setpack® OR Dressing Materials

    Safety without compromise and still cost effective

    Nowadays users are under considerable pressure to decrease costs and increase performance and must act responsibly on both counts. L&R has responded to these requirements and with Setpack offers the OR team a system that provides all the essential dressing materials in an efficient and ready-to-use format.

    • Process optimization leads to cost-effective work.
    • Sophisticated packaging system means reliability.
    • efficient use of resources thanks to individual configuration

    Setpack® Standard

    Laparotomy swabs, dressings, swabs and dissecting swabs – Setpack provides the most frequently used dressing materials for every type of surgery in a practical packaging unit. Users can therefore work with the greatest flexibility and make the choice that is best for their situation in accordance with requirements. All products in the Setpack Standard are fitted with an X-ray detectable thread or X-ray detectable chip with at least 60% barium sulphate.

    Production processes at L&R, from the receipt of raw materials to the finished sterile set, comply with the regulations for sterile medical devices in Europe. The hygienically demanding manufacturing conditions ensure minimal initial bioburden. Together with validated sterilization procedures, L&R offers outstanding product quality and thus ensures reliability.



    1. economical
      • no need for internal preparation
      • validation of sterilization process not required
    2. Safety
      • repeated production run checks during Setpack production

    Inner wrapping for sterile materials

    • for dressing pads and laparotomy swabs
    • user-friendly flap for easy-to-open packaging
    • the product can be taken out quickly and safely

    Patented counting card system

    • doubly secure with counting cards on the inner wrapping of sterile products and in the peel pouch
    • no handover of counting cards during the operation
    • clear documentation with self-adhesive counting cards

    Patented sliding box for swabs

    • greater safety thanks to optimal piece count check before and after the operation
    • specially designed to make removing the dissecting swabs easy

    Setpack® Individual

    Setpack Individual offers flexible solutions for all regularly performed operations. In close consultation with our customers, L&R analyzes the initial situation, defines the needs profile and individually configures the Setpack according to the application. This service is always available for our customers, even if circumstances change. As part of a standardized packaging system, L&R undertakes the professional and proper production of customer-specific Setpacks. The combination of Setpack Standard and Setpack Individual ensures economic use of materials and avoids excessive residual quantities.


    • individually assembled in accordance with customer specifications
    • individual needs assessment closely coordinated with the company’s specialist departments
    • time savings thanks to standardization of the processes involved
    • economic use of materials

    Fields of application 

    • Setpack surgical dressing materials systems are specifically designed for immediate use in the OR


    • sterile packed, quick and easy to use
    • fitted with X-ray detectable thread or X-ray detectable chip
    • separately attached, duplicate, self-adhesive counting cards
    • practical packaging units

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